About Us

Hi our names are Shailey and Sophie, we are mother and daughter. Lately I have taken delight in sewing and I started this blog.

We also want to start some small sewing projects. As I was looking around for suitable sewing machines for novices, then I thought why don’t I start a site to share the information.

More so that I share some information I can get compensated for that. You see as we write, my daughter and I – yes she too writes, we insert links to merchants who may be selling that product or related products. When you click that link and end up buying I may get a commission.

So this is my little disclaimer that I get a commission in some instances where I link to merchants sites. However, should this make you avoid clicking the links or think the information might be biased, please note we write without any biase as we conduct a preliminary research before we write about any product.

As we research we depend on other people’s reviews and make a summary from that.  We also guide you to reviews that we occasionally make reference to for your reading. We also encourage you to do your own due diligence, do not buy anything based on one source of information especially when in doubt or still looking around.

Thank you for stopping by, and we hope we find our articles helpful…

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